Cyber 1 executes directed units issue as per earlier communications

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The board of directors in Cyber1 has today resolved to issue in total 120,416,716 shares and 120,416,716 warrants of series 2021 in the form units on terms equal to the units issued in the preferential rights issue in July 2021. Each unit comprises one newly issued share and one newly issued warrant. The subscription price is EUR 0.01 per share and warrants are issued free of charge. The strike price of the warrants are 0.01 EUR and the subscription period is 25 July – 8 August 2022. The units issue aims at remunerating the issue guarantor in the preferential rights issue as well as lenders and advisers as per previously communicated agreements, with units being allocated as follows.

Issue guarantor: 13,083,383 units, whereby 50 per cent of the agreed remuneration to the issue guarantor is settled against units. The remaining 50 per cent of the agreed remuneration to the issue guarantor shall be settled in cash at EUR 87,222, representing 50 per cent of 10 per cent of the total guarantor commitment of EUR 1,744,451.

Lenders: 49,833,333 units, whereby approximately EUR 498,833.33 of the total loan amount of EUR 500,000 in capital and EUR 50,000 in fixed interest (in total EUR 550,000) taken up in May 2021 are settled against units.

Advisers: 57,500,000 units.

Through the above issue, the number of shares in Cyber 1 will increase by 120,416,716 shares, from 590,385,339 shares to 710,802,055 shares, and the share capital will increase by EUR 31,549.179592, from EUR 154,580.341001 to EUR 186,129.520593.

The dilution from the above issue amounts to 16.94 per cent from issued shares and an additional 14.48 per cent upon full exercise of warrants hereby issued, in both cases excluding for the exercise of warrants already in issue.

Warrants now issued are intended to be admitted for trading on Nasdaq First North in the same warrants series (TO1) as the warrants issued in the preferential rights issue in July 2021 and the additional warrants resolved to be issued by the annual general meeting on 29 June 2021.

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