CYBER SECURITY 1 AB: Continued Annual General Meeting 2019

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London United Kingdom – 25 July 2019, Cyber Security 1 AB (Publ) (“CYBER1”), (Nasdaq:CYB1, OTCQX:CYBNY), a leading supplier of cyber security solutions with operations in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, announces that the 2019 continued Annual General Meeting (the “continued AGM”) of Cyber Security 1 AB (publ) (the “Company”) was held on 25 July 2019 per capsulam.

The following resolutions were made at the continued AGM:

Adoption of the Financial Statements and the Annual Report for 2018

The Annual General Meeting of Cyber Security 1 AB (publ) resolved to adopt the submitted income statement and balance sheet.

The AGM also adopted the proposed dispositions of the Company’s result as presented in the Company’s Annual Report for 2018. No dividend will be distributed for 2018.

Discharge of Directors and CEO from liability for the financial year 2018

The shareholders represented at the AGM, voted in unity to discharge all directors and the Company’s CEO from liabilities for the financial year of 2018.

Election of a new Board of Directors, Auditors and decision on fees to Directors and Auditors

The AGM resolved to re-elect Directors: Jacobus Paulsen, Lord Anthony St John Bletso, Daryn Stilwell and Neira Jones. Jacobus Paulsen was re-elected as Chairman. The nomination committee withdrew its recommendation to appoint Frank Kaamsteg to a director of the board at this point in time. The AGM resolved to elect RSM Stockholm AB, with Malin Lanneborn as auditor-in-charge, for the time up until the next annual general meeting in the company.

It was resolved that fees for the Board of Directors would be as follows:

  • SEK 350,000, for the Chairman;
  • SEK 300,000, for ordinary board members; and
  • SEK 250,000, for the deputy Chairman.


The auditors will be paid in accordance to current account.

Nomination Committee

The AGM resolved to adopt the proposed principles for establishing a Nomination Committee.

Authorisation of the Board of Directors to issue new shares, convertible instruments and warrants

The AGM resolved in accordance with the proposal, to authorise the Directors of the Board, until next AGM, to issue, at one or more occasions, with or without deviation from the shareholders’ preferential rights and with the right to pay also in kind, by way of set-off, or with other conditions, new shares, convertibles bonds and/or warrants. All resolutions from the AGM are set out in the minutes from the meeting, which will be available for download at

Cyber Security 1 AB (publ) The board of directors Certified Adviser:

Mangold Fondkommission AB (556585-1267)

Box 55 691 102 15 Stockholm

Telefon: +46 8 503 015 50

For further information, please contact:


Tim Metcalfe / Miles Nolan, IFC Advisory,

Investor Relations contact, CYBER1


Matt Glover or Najim Mostamand, CFA,

Liolios Group,

US-Investor Relations contact,

CYBER1 E-mail:

About CYBER1


CYBER1 is engaged in providing cyber resilience solutions and conducts its operations through physical presences in Sweden, South Africa, the UK, Kenya, Germany, Austria, Turkey, Greece, Italy, the Ukraine and the United Arab Emirates. Listed on Nasdaq First North (Nasdaq: CYB1.ST) and as an American Depositary Receipt (OTCQX: CYBNY), the Group delivers services and technology licenses to enhance clients protections against unwanted intrusions, to provide and enhance cyber resilience and to prevent various forms of information theft. CYBER1 had revenues of 43.95m EUR in 2018 and employed 239 personnel at the end of Q4 2018.

For further information, please visit

For further information, please visit:

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