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Based on the complexity of today’s cyber security landscape, CYBER1’s strategy is focused on the needs of global businesses, anticipating future trends, and understanding what customers are seeing in terms of the latest developments and threats.

“We aim to deliver significant value add for our customers, and support them in achieving their security objectives,” says CYBER1’s President and Executive Director, Robert Brown. “Our vision is to create the world’s most resilient cyber security environments for customers, and our mission statement, to deliver innovative resilience.”

He says to formulate the company’s strategy, CYBER1 began by engaging with its main stakeholders across all regions, proactively considering the needs of everyone who has a stake in the company, and ensuring all parties were aligned in terms of vision, mission, values, goals, and action plans.

Bold future plans

“We have three main operation segments: value-added distribution (TRINEXIA), value-added reseller (CYBER1 Solutions), and our leading Next-Gen security operations centre (C1SOC). From a three to five-year perspective, CYBER1’s strategy centres around four main components that fit into these segments,” he says.

Firstly, expanding our territories, including target jurisdictions based on opportunities from both vendors and clients, and leveraging existing operational hubs for low-cost and high-growth expansion. Next, CYBER1 plans to expand its SOC onto a global scale, as the group views this as a high-margin business, subscription-based model with annual reoccurring revenues, that can also be easily scaled with expansion. The competitive point of difference stems in the ability to offer a highly skilled and accredited offering, at a lower cost to overseas target markets.

Another area of growth is adopting a consolidated vendor approach, which involves engaging with the latest innovative technologies, with the best possible commercial terms across our regions. Finally, in terms of new business lines, the company is looking to DevSecOps, and the convergence of DevOps and cyber security that can be sold to its existing customer base, to leverage the group’s collective opportunities to drive organic growth. We are engaging and developing some exciting partnerships in this field, that will collectively improve our ability to deliver solutions to this rapidly growing segment.

Delivering services to new territories

According to Brown, CYBER1 has three main operational hubs in South Africa, Kenya, and Dubai in the Middle East. From those bases, the company has many operational, marketing, and finance capabilities, that enable it to deliver some of its services into new territories.

“From these hubs, we can serve new markets where the setup costs would be quite low. Where there is demand from customers or vendors as in these new territories, we would be able to leverage the capabilities that we have in our existing hubs and deliver our services and vendor solutions to these new territories,” he explains.

From a technical point of view, CYBER1 has vast experience, and highly accredited technical skills and capabilities out of South Africa & the Middle East. These skills can be deployed into markets such as Europe, which would benefit vastly from the cost difference and what we could offer to the end user.

“At CYBER1, everything is about leveraging the scope and scale we have collectively as a group and then using that to improve our relationships with clients and vendors,” Brown explains.

Global services for all

When it comes to CYBER1’s Next Gen SOC, the company aims to give clients visibility into their network, working hand-in-glove with customers and their IT and security teams, to ensure that if there are any anomalies or potential attacks we are able to detect them at the earliest possible opportunity and mitigate them before they become an issue.

“Utilising the best technology available on the market, we are able to deliver services globally. We already have, for example, customers in South America, and we’re looking to expand further into Europe,” he explains. “We are ensuring we have all the necessary accreditations such as ISO 27001, which will help us demonstrate our best practices and deliver to a broad range of middle market and SME clients. There is also an opportunity for potential white-labelling of services for some of the large consultancy firms.”

In this way, companies that lack the necessary infrastructure and budgets to set up internal SOC capabilities would benefit. “There’s a huge market global for this service,” Brown adds. “This is why SOC is a major part of CYBER1’s strategy moving forward.”

Competitive pricing, top skills

“We are also looking for ways to work with several of our leading vendors who are engaging in new territories as well as new companies that we have bought into the business, to see how we can utilise partner statuses across the entire group. This will ensure we have the most competitive prices and the widest range of skills and capabilities.”

In terms of new business lines, Brown says DevSecOps is a major part of CYBER1’s strategy moving forward. DevSecOps is bringing a security component into the software development lifecycle to ensure security is built in from the ground up, instead of being bolted on as an afterthought.

Adding DevSecOps to the company’s offering will bring further niche technologies into CYBER1, and again, will be a point of difference that enables us to add more competitive margins. DevSecOps gives us an opportunity to be more forward-thinking in the market, and in line with the latest trends.

Being a specialist

In ending, Brown says the company’s aim is to be a specialist rather than a generalist. “Our list of vendors includes some of the top names in cyber security, ensuring we only deliver best-of-breed solutions.”

CYBER1 has invested its resources into finding the best niche vendors, to ensure it is at the cutting edge of the industry, and its strategy speaks to that.

“We recommend and implement the solutions that are fundamentally right for each client’s specific needs.”

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CYBER1 is engaged in providing cyber resilience solutions and conducts its operations through presences in Sweden, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Kenya and the UK. Listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market (Nasdaq: CYB1.ST), the Group delivers services and technology licenses to enhance clients’ protections against unwanted intrusions, to provide and enhance cyber resilience and to prevent various forms of information theft. CYBER1 had revenues of €46.83m in 2022.

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