Executive Management

CYBER1 boasts a talented and highly experienced executive management team that is fully committed to driving the company’s growth and success. The team comprises professionals from diverse backgrounds and with extensive expertise in cybersecurity, technology, finance, and business.

Our Executive Management team is responsible for overseeing CYBER1’s day-to-day operations, developing and executing strategic plans, and ensuring that the company provides exceptional value to its clients. They are unwavering in their commitment to maintaining CYBER1’s position as a top-tier global Cyber Security company and delivering innovative solutions that address the constantly evolving Cyber Security landscape. With their combined expertise and outstanding leadership, the team is the driving force behind CYBER1’s continued growth and success in the industry.

CYBER1 - Robert Brown
Robert Brown

Born 1970
President Since 2021

Other assignments: Director, CSSA & CSAD
Previous assignments (past five years): CEO, Dynamic Recovery Holdings, CEO Cyber Security 1 AB
Education: KES, South Africa

Shareholdings: 50,774,416 shares

Peter Sedin

Born 1968
Chief Executive Officer since 2021

Other assignments: CEO & Founder, Asight AB
Previous assignments (past five years): Board member, Scandinavian School of Brussels, Vice President at Volvo Construction
Education: Global Executive MBA, Stockholm School of Economics, MSc Mechanical Engineering, Linköping University

Shareholdings: 150,000 shares

CYBER1 - Vivian Gevers
Vivian Gevers

Born 1982
Chief Operating Officer since 2019

Other assignments: N.A.
Previous assignments (past five years): Managing Director, Credence Security Dubai
Other assingments: Vivian is currently not engaged in any other assignments
Education: BCom in Management, University of South Africa

Shareholdings: 360,000 shares

Gemma (1) (1)
Gemma Theron

Born 1972
Chief Financial Officer since 2021

Other assignments: Chief Financial Officer, Cyber Security South Africa
Previous assignments: Financial Insight Lead, Standard Bank Group
Education: University of South Africa. BCompt Accounting Sciences

Shareholdings: 1,000,000 shares

CYBER1 - Simon Perry
Simon Perry

Born 1982
Chief Technical Officer since 2021

Other assignments: Chief Technical Officer, Cyber Security South Africa
Previous assignments: Sales Engineer, McAfee
Education: Northcliff High

Shareholdings: 19,750 shares

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