The next generation security centre is in the cloud – through high quality service delivery at low comparative costs, cyber security has the highest priority for most companies and organisations today. CYBER1, a leading global provider of cyber security products and services, has taken note of this, through the launch of its own Managed Service capability. The biggest challenge for customers is to handle both increased complexity, as well as increased volume of attacks and malware.

This means challenges of several different types:

– Recruitment of security experts, both in terms of number and competence, as well as breadth in terms of skills.
– Resource consumption to create as comprehensive security solutions as possible. This applies to both hardware and software. It also includes opportunities to grow and expand security solutions as needed.
– Difficulties with, and sometimes lack of interest in, focusing on an area such as cyber security, which is outside most companies’ core business.

An increasingly common solution to cyber security problems is cloud security services provided by a service provider. Another strong trend is a model called SOC (security operations center). The SOC model means that the widely differing security solutions, and the personnel, required are gathered under one roof. Properly executed, this strategy not only provides high quality security solutions and guaranteed personnel, it also equates to an efficient level of expenditure for cyber security provisions.

The implementation of the SOC model in the form of a service means that the service provider manages all the resources, as well as all personnel and all security solutions required to prevent, detect and manage security threats around the clock. It is obvious that a specialised provider of cyber security has greater opportunities than the individual customers to create and use efficient processes. The service provider also handles contacts with suppliers of the various security products and services used. This is a great advantage for companies with limited internal resources relating to cyber security.

Now the security company CYBER1 is taking the next step with the launch of SOC as a cloud service. In addition to gathering modern technology solutions, such as machine learning, from all conceivable suppliers under one umbrella, a modern implementation of SOC as a service provides benefits such as increased automation, faster action in security incidents, fewer false alarms, increased transparency in both policy and specific security solutions and support for security experts with the aim of helping the experts to perform even better work, not to replace them.

The general benefits of cloud services (SaaS services) also apply to the SOC service from CYBER1. Not least considerable opportunities to reduce costs and to only pay for the services and resources used. Because CYBER1’s SOC is a completely cloud-based service from the beginning, it facilitates cloud migrations, which is important for most companies today.

Here is a selection of features on CYBER1’s SOC service:

– Tools for dealing with security incidents, vulnerabilities, investigating threats and for more detailed analyzes and investigations (so-called forensics).
– Formulate security policies and processes for implementing them.
– Management of logs.
– Monitoring and alarms.
– Access to external information about security threats.
– Assessment of cyber security and monitoring of availability of IT resources.

With a cloud service, all types of companies and organizations have instant access to cyber security, with guaranteed availability, scalability and flexibility. Our experts are by your side 24 hours a day, to protect you from both known and unknown threats, says Simon Perry, CTO at CYBER1.